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Moving in a Sustainable Direction

February 25, 2012
Cardboard at Cribbs

By crabchick

No one likes moving. Besides the hassle of finding a moving company, packing and unpacking all of your belongings, and deconstructing all of those cardboard boxes, moving is an extremely paper-intensive activity. Even though cardboard boxes can be reused (if they’re still in usable condition) only half of the cardboard Americans use actually gets recycled. The cardboard that does end up in a landfill takes at least two months to decompose.

Today, we’re highlighting a company called BungoBox, started in 2010, which offers a solution to the waste of one-time use of cardboard boxes.

BungoBox delivers rentable, reusable, plastic containers to your doorstep.  From there, you pack the box, move it, and call the company to retrieve the containers. Beyond drastically cutting down in your paper waste, using BungoBox has several other advantages:

Half Full Moving Van

By Chris Enns

1)    BungoBoxes are more easily stackable than regular cardboard boxes, which often have uneven surfaces or come in different sizes.  This allows for better space efficiency and organization when moving.

2)    Renting BungoBoxes costs about 50% less than purchasing cardboard, so you can save money while helping the planet!

3)    BungoBox is more durable, while also being waterproof (unlike its competitor, cardboard).  Because it’s more durable, you don’t have to use as much in-box paper packaging.

4)    Bungoboxes don’t require any packing tape, drastically cutting down on the time required for packing.

Although increasing the production of plastic containers should raise some eyebrows, it’s estimated that during its lifetime, one BungoBox will replace at least 250 cardboard boxes, potentially saving 1,575 gallons of water, four large trees, 923 KW hours of energy and 40 gallons of gasoline.  Now that’s moving in the right direction!


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